Home Remedies To Kill Bees

Well, if you are looking for a more natural and practical alternative to deal with these terrible bichillos, maybe you are interested in trying the home remedies that we have left here.

Water And Soap

It is a natural insecticide and not at all toxic, which you can prepare with simple ingredients that are at your fingertips. You should only mix six tablespoons of earthenware soap and two liters of water, which you should throw on the hive, making sure you are protected with tight clothing, and then get away from the area as fast as you can. We recommend doing it during the night when the bees are resting.

Borax Powder

This product is handy for getting rid of many types of pests, including bees. The best of the case is that being a natural insecticide and it is harmless for people unless it is applied in excessive amounts. If you have the opportunity, take a bit of borax and introduce it in the beehive of the bees, but if not, just spread it around the areas where these bugs are usually, it will only be a matter of time before they disappear from there.

Scented Candles

It may sound simple, but it is quite useful. Some candles come with the smell of strawberries and are high to repel, and you can light a couple of them in your house to prevent the entry of these bugs and at the same time have a perfumed environment.